In recent days, I received many questions about taking care of our mental health and making progress in therapy while still stuck at home and I get it, things are different. We aren't able to see our therapist in person or do many of the things. We counted on help, like getting together with friends, going to church or taking an art class, for example. Creating a safe space to have therapy is key. If we worry that someone is listening in on us we won't be able to open up and benefit from therapy as much. Most therapy includes some kind of homework, so doing the things can help get you on the right track. So today I want to talk to you about something called Online-Therapy which is an online therapy platform. Your comprehensive online therapy site to help you go from where you  want to be.


What is Online-Therapy:

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Online-Therapy is an online therapy service that is kind of an alternative to in-person therapy. A subscription to Online-Therapy gives you access to a therapist basically whenever and it includes unlimited text, audio and video messaging as well as a weekly live session. It's really really simple communicating with them. They have a website that's very easy to interact with as well as an app on your phone, that you can send instant messages through,  you can voice call through, you can even video chat through and it's really really easy to navigate.


How are different from other online therapy sites:

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This platform not only offers support from certified therapists but  also offers you a complete online therapy toolbox. So in essence the program includes all the tools that you need to deal with whatever is hindering you in your life to become even happier. You in addition to regular contact with your personal therapist who will be by your side from start to finish. You will have access to our self-help course which is based on the most research supported therapy out there which is called cognitive behavioral therapy. The course constitutes eight sections which include all of the information that you need to identify challenges, overcome problems and offers tons of hands-on tools and tips. The sections are available via text audio or video, where I walk you through each section in detail.

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In each section there are several worksheets with questions for you to answer. Within 24 hours and often much sooner you will receive valuable hands-on feedback on your writings from your therapist. The clients love this part because it gives them the possibility to really reread the feedback that they've gotten. It's almost like getting an extra session or booster session in between. Now depending on your subscription, you also have access to live chat sessions with your therapist. The live chat is available as video, voice only or text chats whichever suits you the best. On top of all this you have access to your journal and activity plan tools that will help you to stay motivated and actively work on your happiness. They want to make it easy for you to take action and engage in things that will make you happier and that's why they have added yoga and meditation videos to your toolbox. The in-house yoga teacher petra has created simple videos that are really perfect when you need help coping with your distress and they give you an instant boost of gratitude and happiness. 


Why should I choose

  • Complete Toolbox

  • Top Quality Therapy

  • Affordable

  • Anonymous & Private

  • Secure & Confidential

  • Accessible & Time-saving

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So what are you waiting for isn't it time that you stop feeling so lousy and start feeling good about yourself, your relationships, your life. They are here to support you on your journey starting today. So click below to get started. You deserve to feel happier and get a 20% offer in online therapy by  clicking below.



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